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Posted on 27 May, 2019 at 4:00

I've been around a few years, i know the ins and outs of the Automotive Industry. I'm speaking from personal encounters with Local Car yards. I've been insulted by an offer one Car yard has offered for a trade against one of their vehicles against my vehicle as a trade. Now my 4WD is immaculate, nothing wrong with it, in fact a new gearbox installed 3 weeks ago, but the trade in price was $1500. The new gearbox is worth $3600. I rest my case.

I only wanted to trade down to a 2WD as I have no need for a 4WD and this is my work vehicle, it's spot on, it has to be! But dealing with these Morons really got my back up. I took it as an insult, then I remembered that once I advised one of my customers against buying from this Car Yard as the vehicle had a list of faults, I cost them a sale! Hence the reason for the insulting trade in price.

Seems I won't get a good trade in as they didn't like me joining there sales pitch with my customer. For that I make no apoligies. If I inspect a vehicle for the purchase from one of my customers and if I find faults, it's my duty to report ALL findings to my customer and advise with or against for the purchase or No Sale. If it doesn't pass, it doesn't pass.

So lets expose some sales tactics to the general public and if your saleperson uses these tactics, I strongly advise against using this salesperson.

1. Warranties. Every consumer that purchases a Used vehicle HAS to acknowledge that by consumer law they are given a statutory 30 day warranty. They upsell you a dealership warranty that has more clauses and conditions to that of a property purchase that makes it impossible to claim. They waste mechanics time asking for reports and quotes only to find it's not covered. Mr or Mrs consumer goes back to the Car yard to have the vehicle fixed but they get the buck pass back onto the warranty they forked out 100's for.

In other words they insist on selling you this warranty so when the shit box they are selling you breaks down they have an avenue of which to escape, they pass the buck onto your warranty only to find there's a clause that they won't pay for it. Do NOT buy one of these Warranties. You DO have normal consumer rights and a 30 day cooling off period by Queensland LAW. (They will not tell you this, the warranty they give you is there scape goat and designed to make it confusing when you use the word 'Warranty').

2. Stay away from vehicles that have no price. If you look at a vehicle that has no price then you don't have any control over the power of the sale. When you pull up outside they already know what your trade in will be, ask up front how much the car is and park a few meters down the road, don't answer any questions untill he/she has given you the purchase price. When you ask the price he/she will answer with another question, usually 'Do you have a trade?' Then he will give you the price. If he/she does this, walk away. Go to a different Car Yard with a price on the screen.

3. Used Car salespersons are not your friend. A Coffee and a chat is called 'Breaking the ice'. They have to seem interested in your life, but at the back of their minds they can't wait till you drive off with one of there pearlers. After the sale they don't want to hear from you again. That sounds cold, but it's the truth. They have more best friends coming to buy more Cars they have no time for your friendship.

4. Upsell. It's not enough that they buy a Car for 1500 and sell it for 10000, no they have to get comissions on all those usless 'extras' they feel the need to sell you while they write up the deal. Window Tint, side steps, alloy bodies, upgraded sound systems, battery systems, scotchguard seats, vinyl protection, rust proofing, paint protection the there's that all important clause to keep your warranty you have to service with them. You may as well give them a blank cheque. You will save 1000's getting extras for your car if you source those extras after the sale. Most of these extras are available online for a fraction of the cost, even EBay! Just concentrate on getting the car, it's fun to add the extras after the sale and you get your car looking exactly the way you want it. Not to mention the huge savings!

5. If you leave a Car yard thinking you got a bargain, chances are it's the salesperson who has the bargain. Thinking you are fully covered is NOT the same as actually being covered. do your research, don't trust a salesperson.

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