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Know your car


Thankyou for visiting my site , I've been in this game for 33 years and there is a lot of preventative repairs that i have carried out , expensive and time consuming .

Be honest , when was the last time you lifted your bonnet and checked all you fluids ? Most will say never . Or it gets checked when its serviced .

In front of every vehicle handbook there is a weekly check list , no matter how old or new you car is . Weekly checks are vital to get a problem before you break down or have trouble . For example , a leak in the radiator hose is detected , your computer or check engine light won't tell you there is a leak , your temp guage will read hot if the leak is bad enough and when engines overheat it puts a tremendous amount of strain on the whole engine , resulting in blown headgaskets , expanded cooling systems and heat damage that can affect everything and very very expensive to fix .

So thats why every manufactor of any vehicle insists that you do a weekly check on your engine , they have even gone as far as coloured dip sticks , clear fluid resiviors so you can check the fluids without opening the lids etc ...

When i work on a car , or anything for that matter i do a CCR = Condition - Cause - Remedy . A part will fail , sooner or later it will fail , but there are reasons why it failed , for instance , lets take our leaking radiator hose for example . Condition will be - overheating - Cause would be - Worn soft hose - Remedy will be replace hose and fill with coolant . But it would be a whole lot more $$$$ to find out that way , so weekly checks can save you thousands .

So , lets get back to those weekly checks , If your bought your car , but dont know how to check your oil etc .... a car salesperson won't show you , and if you don't know anyone mechanically minded , they won't show you , so you don't check because you simply don't know . And thats fine as not everyones a mechanic . 

I provide a service that i come out and show you what everything does , how to check all your fluids , tyre pressures , what to look for , what to watch out for , i even go through a tyre change with you . When you know your car you feel safer and confident with your car and some tips to make your car run more effeciently . I don't tell you how to drive but i teach you about your car ........... think of the cost it will save you in the future and is for everyone , .............. Call now 0498483681

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