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Tricks of the trade ?

I've been around , and worked on almost every make and model . I get a lot of feedback from customers about there experiances with past repairs and service .I see a lot of repairs carried out that are not nessesary and far too expensive . I hear a lot of ' Tricks ' repairers use to get your business .Scare tactics and just basically ' ripping you off ' . I have this attitude for all customers .' The customer is my boss , they pay my wages , and if i do a good job i have a customer for life , not to mention the extra customers they recommend me to service and repair there vehicle , females have been the target and still are when it comes to repair or service , i explain my repair or service before i start in plain english and quote with good quality oils and parts , all my repairs are covered with a 20 000 K.M. / 12 month Warranty . In some cases extended Warranty for two years depending on the repair . One of the biggest tricks i see are the good old $99.00 Service . But ask yourself , for $99.00 what brand of oil are they putting in my engine ? Is the dirt cheap oil filter going to filter my oil properly untill next service ? Can the oil keep up with the extreme temperatures consistant with tropical Cairns ? They use this cheap service to look over your car and tell you , you need a list of repairs , in some cases there is nothing wrong with your car but they still insist on these repairs . I can gaurentee these 'mechanics' do not have any intrest in you or your car expect your purse or wallet . Your buck stops with me  !  I do not carry out repairs that do not need doing ,and i don't upsell, my Services start from $130.00 . If something is wearing out or a small oil leak that could cause damage to your car i always inform the customer of how much it will cost and how long it can wait till it needs to be repaired , safety items such as brakes and steering are far more important than a small oil leak and i have your budget in mind , these are tough times , you need your vehicle repaired and serviced , but you have limited funds , i  understand this and only do ' nessesary ' items , and i welcome second opinions . So give me a go , i wont upsell you or use 'tricks of the trade '.

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