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Before you call a mobile mechanic read this

Before you call a mobile mechanic, tips that can save you money, if the mechanic has a good working environment, the job will be done sooner and therefore save you money, things you should consider before calling.

1. Position of motor vehicle, can the mechanic get at the vehicle?

2. Weather, is the vehicle undercover? in direct sunlight or exposed to rain etc....

3. Is it safe? Flat surface with no trip hazards?

4. Access to water and electricity, i carry my own filtered water and never use 240 Volts as i have compressed air, but most mobile mechanics don't supply this.

5. If the vehicle to be jacked and put on stands, this cannot be done safely on a soft surface.

6. Ventilation, is there plenty of air so exhaust and fuel vapours can escape?

Things you should also consider when you choose any mechanic to work on your car, is he insured? Does he have certification to do the job? Is he a registered business? If no, then think what it might cost you in the event an accident happened to your car or property or loved one, and respect the mechanic's safety and workplace by not having anyone near the vehicle when being repaired, especially children. These safety measures should be a priority before any work can be carried out on any motor vehicle. Motor cars are heavy, they hold up to 120 ltrs of petrol and have a lot of moving mechanical parts and can cause serious injury or death, if you hire me to do the job, then please be aware that these basic safety measures will be applied before any work is carried out.

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