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Hows your oil ?

This is a bottom view of an engine with the sump removed , it seized due to poor oil and lack of servicing . Notice the colour of the oil stains ? Its that colour because its failed its lubrication qualities by a cheap oil . No doubt a very cheap oil . If your dipstick is this colour you will need to run an engine flush , with a new filter , then drain it overnight , then run a cheap oil through it with a new filter , then drain again for 4 hours , then a good quality oil like nulon or penrite that can withstand Australias climate . It makes sense to spend a few dollars more and use a good quality oil , and good filters . Less friction and better compression gives your car better performance , better fuel economy . My services start from $130.00 , using quality oil and filters and thats all up - no suprises and i don't upsell . Give me a try when your next service is due , you will feel the difference !

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