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I do NOT service or repair Marine engines

I get a lot of calls 

Marine engines fall under a different qualification of Mechanic who is trained on small engines and light duty engines and they must have a seperate qualification to work on these engine types. A Mechanic falls under many different catagories, mine are light and heavy vehicles. I do work on my own outboard and my inboard on my boat, but i'm not qualified to work on anyone's marine engine. If a 'Mechanic' is spinning a dollar off fixing outboards without the marine certification then he's practicing illegally and why would you want a breakdown at Arlington Reef anyway?

Ask him if he's marine certified and if he isn't then find someone who is. You don't want to be in our croc waters to have your outboard breakdown or stuck out at sea. If you can't afford to have your marine engine serviced and looked after properly then the risk is great when it comes to saftey if you use a 'Mechanic' as he's cheaper, if this is a factor then you probably shouldn't have a boat as they are expensive.

If you have a marine diesel then give this guy a call, and he's the yanmar dealer

KG Mechanical

Diesel engine repair service in Bungalow, Queensland

Address: 26 Svendsen St, Bungalow QLD 4870

Phone: (07) 4033 7311

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