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Beware of Rip off mechanics

This is in reference to a business in Cairns "Jap Motor and Carby Center" on Brown street Bungalow.

My customer purchased a Jap engine from this business, i was employed to fit the engine, the job was not yet finished and found a blown headgasket. Peter, the owner of the above business denied liability in the first 2 minutes of the phone call, i removed the radiator and had a condition report done on the rafdiator he claims to be the fault, and the raditaor is in excellent condition, again i must stress that the job was not yet finished, the car still in his carport and not run anymore than 5 mins, not enough to blow the headgasket, the water pump and thermostat was changed as per warranty requirements.

He told me this engine was tested for Co2 when that would be impossible has all the cut off hoses from when they cut the engine from the vehicle in Japan was still on the engine, how could he have run the engine when even the wire harness was still attached to this engine. So i asked him for proof of compression test and proof that, as he claims this engine was tested. He then told me he was dealing with the customer and not me, yet, even with my 36 years experience, he blamed me straight up, in the first 3 minutes of my call and would not co-operate with me in any way nor has he returned a call to my customer who has the question that he needs proof the engine was tested as claimed by Peter.

So i'm replacing the head gasket at my labour cost to look after my cusomer, but would like to let everyone know that if you purchase a Jap engine from "Jap Motor and Carby Center" and you find a problem with the engine, Peter will most likely do the same to you.

22/02/2017 update on this job: When i asked Peter, the owner of  Jap Motor and Carby Center to show some kind of proof the engine was tested, he refused to speak with me, or contact me in any way, he said he will sort it out with my Customer, to date he has neither contacted myself or my customer. The car started and runs much better with a new head gasket, like new, my customer is satisfied but i'm not going to let old Peter get away with dodging his responsibility which is why i'm posting this on my site. The radiator was flushed, the report excellent and the whole job done 100% and hasn't overheated in the slighest, but poor old pete still says it overheated as the radiator was not flushed out professionally, and if it was he would just past the buck onto the radiator place as probably not flushed properly, anything to get out of any responsibility, from word go he denied even getting off his fat ass and coming to see the engine for himself, so now that ive fixed his stuff up, done at no cost to my customer, exept parts all done by me in my own time but i have a huge advantage over Peter, Peter got the sale, I GOT THE CUSTOMER! So be warned about dealing with this man, shonky, unprofessional, a lier and a complete knob. This message is marked without prejudice. If this cost's Peter just one customer, it's worth it.

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