Mobile Mechanic Cairns/ Mechanic Cairns

Here's some short vids of vehicle components and how they work , It should give you a better understanding so if i'm Servicing or repairing your pride and joy you will know what i'm doing ...... The vids chosen are an example of how they work, they are not an exact working of your vehicle components...........  Enjoy!

                      4 cylinder animation                                                                                         Sugar in Tank?

                              V8 Animation                                                                             Cooling System

                How a Turbo works                                    Steering and Suspension

                    Rotary Engines


                   Disc Brakes                                                 Differential

           Lubrication - very important                              How a Diesel engine works

           Engine Management Systems

              Motor Vehicle Animation.

                  Caterpillar Diesel Engine.                                           Cooling System

                               In line injection pump                                                                                     ECU Basic's                                                

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