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It makes sense to get a check up done on your car, if your services are out of date or, in a lot of cases únknown' then give your car a check up. It doesn't cost much around $110.00, includes saftey/fluids check, computer scan and free quotes if anything needed. 35 years of sound Automotive advice. I don't upsell, only advise on matters that are (needed) not what is wanted to make my wallet fatter that a lot of 'free safety checks' are disguised as. You know, go get a free safety check and come out with a list a mile long, most of which isn't needed right now but rather not at all. I don't do business that way, i would rather give you an excellent service/repair the first time, and then you will call again. Not so long ago the old slang word smash and grab was used by a lot of mechanical firms, they upsell something shocking, if you get a big list from a free check get a second opinion, come back to reality, nothing is free. What you pay for is what you get. I use only the best parts and oils, i want you to not see your car as A to B but a pleasure to drive and in most cases you will notice a difference in economy and performance. Get your car checked by a 5 star Mechanic with 35 years experience on not just Petrol but Diesels also including machinery.

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