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What is Service?

I've been around the Automotive Industry all my life, i know all the tricks of the gift of the gab, i never use them, ask any of my customers and they will tell you the final bill is exactly what i say it will be, vehicles wear as they get older, we all do as well. To reduce the wear then you need to have it serviced as well, you can pretty much count on a breakdown if you don't service correctly.

If you have ever collected your car after a service with a list a mile long, chances are, if you have serviced correctly, it's a list of items that over it's natural mechanical life, the findings are wear and tear items, the list is probably actual wear, the 'Trick' is to bring it back and get these repairs carried out, they elaborate  on the seriousness of getting all the repairs done, this keeps you paying.

A big workshop with all the trimmings is a testamony of good upsell, facts are that if there is so much wrong with the car, then why try and patch it? Mechanical nature is to wear and eventually fail, this is a fact, if your car has multipul problems, it's time to get rid of it, but get a second opinion as the the extent of the wear.

Its trade practice to report mechanical findings, in fact it's duty of care, i do all the time, but what makes me different is i won't keep you coming back, i don't want you to come back with a problem, i want you to enjoy your vehicle and drop it off for a service, or i come to you, whatever suits you. I know vehicles and every car built these days has a use by date, when it's out of warranty, it's past it's use by date, but it's not over, you can enjoy your vehicles performance peak if you just service it correctly and choose a mechanic that has these facts in mind.

I started this business based on honesty, i won't burn you at the checkout and only advise on safety issues or service related issues, now i don't have to pay for advertising as my customers trust me and pass me onto their freinds and relatives, this is good honest customer relations and this is my focus to provide a service without the upsell and without the hype.

Check out my testamonies and satisfied customers. That's Good Oil - Great Service!

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