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Workshop Vs Mobile compare savings

One of my customers owns a commodore vy 3.8, the water pump failed and she showed me an invoice of a workshop based mechanic to fit the new water pump. I won't name the workshop but i will give you a run down of her invoice.

1. Tow Truck                           $120.00

2. Water Pump                       $   78.00

3. Coolant                               $   65.00

4. Labour @ $95.00 x 1.5 = $ 142.50

5. Shop Supplies                   $    15.00

 Total includes GST               $ 420.50

Another customer of mine with the same vehicle, this is my invoice

1. Call out fee                         $ 44.00

2. Water Pump                        $ 65.00

3. Coolant                                $ 57.00

4. Labour @ $88.00 x 1.5 = $ 132.00

Total includes GST              $298.00

Same 12 month 20k warranty............................... So how do i do this? I don't have the overheads of a workshop so the money i save i pass onto my customer...... In this case my customer saved $122.50.

Need i say more?                                                        Good Oil - Great Service!

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