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Off to the Cape?

Coming from Cairns, i see a lot of people doing the Cape trip, it's an amazing experience and i encourage everyone to do the trip and stand on the tip. It's a 'Must do' For most Aussies.

But don't be breaking down up there, a simple bog or change of brake pads can be very expensive getting these mechanics to come rescue you, and you are best to do the trip in winter, when it's cooler and a lot less rain.

I provide a Cape check up, this includes all fluid checks, brakes, wheel bearings and a grease of drive train, full 80 point saftey check, i also check your breakdown equipment and go through a basic check list for example, tow ropes, shackles, if you have a winch fitted i test the operation of that, too many people do this trip with very little recovery equipment, it makes sense to have your 4wd checked over and repaired or serviced before you head off.

The biggest problems are elcectrical, alternator and starter motors, lights etc, wheel brearings with lack of grease or water contamination, water entry into diffs and gearboxes, broken axels and cv joints, all will cost you 3 times as much to have it repaired up there, and if you need a tow it can run into excess of $1000 or more, depending where you are. 

My charge for this Cape Check is $136.00 and i can check your trailer as well, peice of mind when attempting this trip.

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