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We seem to live in an age now that everytime you buy something you are asked if you would like more, like when you go to MacDonalds to buy a coffee, and your upsold a muffin for a $1, have you tried to go and buy a computer? I did, i went to buy a computer and told the sales person up front i do not want any extras, but she still peristed on trying to sell me extended warranties and extras i do not need or want, when i mentioned no extras, she changed her tone with me, offered little advice and i felt like she was pushing me out the door as i would not accept upsell. That's fine i walked out and bought a computer elsewhere. The Automotive industry has also been affected by this upsell, the Service Advisor upsells you as soon as you walk in the doors, even the local Mechanic upsells you with repairs you simply do not need. I've had huge long lists from Automotive firms that when i checked these repairs, very few required immediate attention. Recently i have joined a Mechanical firm that wraps all by bills into one, it's easier to pay and keep track of one account. But the amount of emails and phone calls i have received since becoming a member is over the top. The emails all inviting me to seminars of how to upsell my customers. truth is i know how to upsell my customers as i worked for dealerships for years, however i don't like upsell attempted on me and i extend that to my customers. I will not upsell, i believe that if i need to upsell then i'm not the sort after Mechanic my customer was looking for in the first place. My business is based on honesty and good quality workmanship and parts. Don't fall for the upsell. If i quote $200 for a service that's what you pay, no large bills await my customer when they collect their cars. that's Good Oil - Great Service!

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