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Log Book Service and Service - The Difference

People seem confused when it comes to Servicing their vehicle. They ring to book a service but don't inform that you need a Logbook service or a General Service. Remember this.

If ANY part of your vehicle is still under Warranty, you need to Service to whoever covers that Warranty.

If you have a Dealership or a manufactures Warranty, you need to Service within the guide lines of what is written in the Service Book. In most cases, you have to use genuine service parts, by a qualified Mechanic or Service Technician who is a registered business.

Remember also, you do not have to Service with the Dealership, as long as the vehicle is serviced within the Manufactures specifications, you KEEP your Warranty.

When you get a Service of any kind, insist that you know the Brand and Grade of Fluids they are using. As vehicles advance, a lot of different grades of oils and fluids are to be used according to that Vehicles Specifications. They give your vehicle specified grades of fluids to use for a reason. Their is no such thing as a generic brand of oil that is good for every vehicle, you MUST use the specified Grade and Viscosity of the fluid you need to service, if a repairer or Service center is using a bulk oil to service all vehicles, they are NOT Servicing within Manufactors spec's, you LOSE your warranty. Will that Repairer cover the remaining Warranty ? I doubt it.

If you are getting a 'Dirt' Cheap Service, i gaurantee your getting Dirt Parts and Oils, some of these oils i would not put in my lawn mower yet alone my car. Yes you will save money, but the long term your car will use excessive fuel, it won't perform and won't be pleasant to drive. Seriously people, you don't know how much you depend on your car untill it's laid up being repaired, it pays to do your weekly checks and stick to the service scedule given to your vehicle.

A general service is known as a 'lube' Service, This is the majority of Servicing i do and mostly vehicles that are out of warranty, if you wish to continue with log book service, that's fine, but things change, you may need to use a different grade of oil to compensate for wear and tear, depending on how the vehicle was looked after, it's good to have a service history, as you can refer back and see when fluids were last changed. I test your coolant and brake fluids, oil and gear oil transmission fluids etc when i change your engine oil and filter, if the one of the rest of the fluids need to be changed, then i recommend they be changed. I aslo saftey check the vehicle, all lights washers etc and check for wear etc ....

It's within your best interests to know the difference bewtween a Log Book Service and a General Service

Below is a recent pic of a Customers Vehicle i have been servicing for a few years, i use good quality oils, as you can see this engine is clean and well lubed.

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