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I had a comment by another mechanic , he asked the question why am i giving away trade tips to everyone ? I said why do you use shit oil in your customers cars ? He said whats that got to do with it ?. I give trade information to my customers to aviod costly repairs , he said then how do you make money? the conversation went no where after that .

Its all about attitude , when i first started Everything mechanical Mobile Mechanic , i had a choice to be like most repairers or do something diffrent and adapted an attitude that i'm not my own boss , my customers are my boss . Advertising is expensive , but the best advertising is word by mouth and the only way to get a good reputation is by doing the job above the customers expectations . The customer will always come back to good service and generate 5 more who in turn generate 10 more . thats the way 'good' business operates and thats my attitude .

I'm not out to make a million dollars , i make a honest days pay for an honest days work . I have worked with other mechanical firms that practice what they call upsell , get the customer in for a cheap service and give them a list a mile long when they come to pick up there car , not to mention the type of oil and filters they use , i wouldn't put in my lawn mower . they are out there , they WILL rip you off and if they do give you a list of things that 'need' doing , always get a second opionion , its the oldest trick in the book and its a scam , don't fall for it .

I do not upsell , yes if there is a problem its my duty to inform you , thats why you come to me as im qualified to do the work . Thats what i aim to change with the mechanic reputation of ripping people off . mechanical repairs dont have to be so expensive to have a quality Service or Repair done . If your getting a $99.00 Service by all means ask the brand and grade of oil they will be using and what brand of filter , and i gaurantee you it will be the cheapest on the market and the wrong grade for your car , how else can they make money ? Thats right ................. Upsell and broadin profit margins with cheap , low quality oils and parts .

I have your budget in mind but also the quality of any work carried out on your vehicle must be of the highest standard and i back it with a 12 month 20 000 k.m. warranty ... But when i finish your service .... service does not stop there , i offer a 24 hour breakdown service for Cairns and region and if you have any technical advise you need i'm just a phone call away . 

Call John Now 0498 483 681

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