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keeping your cool

Thermostats act as a regulator to slow your cooling system flow down enough to allow coolant to cool sufficiently

Thermostats usually fail in either stuck close or stuck open. If you Follow YouTube Mechanic's

guide to keeping your engine running cool, then I suppose you deserve the outcome of that lesson.

Cutting the guts out of your thermostat is ok to get you out of a situation, but to teach it as a fix

Is both wrong and unprofessional. If the coolant cannot slow enough to cool down properly the

increase in pressure will cause serious problems, like radiator expansion and added pressure to

gaskets and seals, more heat = more friction, added stress to engine oil and coolant, increase

In poor fuel economy and performance, it will also stress out the battery as the thermo fans need

to work longer to keep the engine cool. So much for the YouTube Mechanic.

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