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What car do i buy?

It's a question I am often asked, What should i buy?

When you are looking at a new car or a secondhand car you should be looking at a lot of factors like What do you want the car to do? like if you have a family a roomy car like an suv or a work ute or a passanger car for people without children. It's confusing, of course the car salesperson will say whatever to get the sale but there is little on the market in the form of good quality and something that will last.

In my opinion Vehicles that are 20 years old or older even some models 10 years or older are not worth the money as the design of them are only meant to last the warranty period and that's it, after that buy a new car.

I can't recommend any brand or car, but i can tell you what not to buy.

1. Great Walls are at the top of my list, the Chinese cannot make anything good and are renouned for making rubbish, I won't have a great wall in my 

shop even for a service. the parts are not readily available and Great Wall do not warrant their warranties, this is cheap and nasty.

2. Navara and Patrol 3.0 ltr. These are heavy cars with a long chassis and a very poor turning circle and are full of problems, they are 

messy to service and expensive to fix, they weigh far too much for a little 3.0 ltr engine to push and there are problems with 

the EGR and DPF filters. They clog up driveways and workshops

3. Holden Cruze, Barina and Astra are models designed for european climates, not hot rough climates like Australia, the 3.6 commodores are 

another car now showing problems with wiring and stretched timing chains as they are not meant to last.

4. Anything Indian made is another cheap pile of garbage, stay clear of these.

5. Hyundai Tuscan are full of problems the X3 excels have problems from showroom, not many around now but stay clear of this model

6. RAMs and Jeeps and chryslers. I have a relative to owns a Ram dealership and we don't talk as we have different opinions about t

hese cars, if you bought a Jeep, congratulatios, you just bought a money pit

7. Ford Festiva, Focus and Fiesta again designed for Europe, not Australia.

Well there's a short list of what not to buy and the new cars are not getting any better, they are getting worse and are just not designed to last outside the warranty period. Toyota actually make a car for Australia. The others swap badges and rename a car for Australia.

Have fun shopping and remember, never trust a Car Salesperson!

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