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Service Prices.......Confused?

I got some feedback with not stating my Service prices, there is a valid reason for this and much of the confusion is understanding what is exactly a Service.

A General Service is a Engine Oil and filter change check all safety related items, tyre inflation, grease tailshafts and electrical tests and a scan of the computer, I throw in a wash and tyre shine in most cases, weather permitting.

A Major Service is all Fluids, all filters, tune up, brake caliper lube, and the list is huge.

A log book Service is a Service that has to be done to keep a Warranty valid and has to be done as per the manufactors specifications and Instructions.

So when someone calls me to inquire about a price, it's important to know what kind of Service you need. Then I can Quote you.

Every kind of Service requires different kinds of Parts, Oils and Filters. It's vital that the grade of Oil recommended for your car is used, I use good quality Oils and filters and the correct weight of Oil.

Take the $100.00 special Service for example, lots of business around here do this 'Special Service' to fault find your car, get more work out of you and to be honest, some of the things they say that need to be done straight away can often wait and can be spread out to suit most peoples budgets, not with the cheapo service guy, he wants your money now! I've been in the Automotive trade for 37 years and am well aware of the tactics taken especially from dealerships to upsell you as much as possible, squeeze every cent they can out of you and basically lie there ass off to keep you coming back and paying, how do you think they keep those flash coffee machines and air con lounges going?.....YOU PAY FOR THAT.

I vowed never to do this with my business, people come to me for my Skills, not to be upsold and grab your last penny.

Back to the $100 Special Service. Think about it before you book your car in, the generic oil they use will go in your engine, the cheap chinese oil filter will be installed, then it's on to fill a page with problems so the so called Mechanic will get a good commission at the end of the month. There is no such thing as a generic oil suited for all cars, it HAS to be the correct spec of Oil for the engine you own, same with gear oils, coolants etc and the bulk Oil they use is low quality, I know of one business that uses recycled Oil. That's a big no no and besides this it's my policy not to do anything to someone else's car that I wouldn't do on my own car and my cars are immaculate.

So for me to give you a price, you need to be aware that I intend to give your car the best service possible and use the correct materials to give you better fuel economy and make you car last longer, same goes with any repair I do, I can provide a quote but the reason I do not advertise a Cheap Service is all cars are different and it's impossible to quote a generic price as I do not do generic servicing, I don't have bulk Oils and buy the correct parts and materials to suit your make and model. I can guarantee though that I will beat ANY dealership price on Servicing or Repairs with a 12/20 warranty, as I don't have that flash coffee machine or Air Con lounge, but my customers get a better job and more money in there pocket! That should be good enough reasons to choose Everything Mechanical.


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