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Diesel & Petrol Injection on car Service

Australia seems to get the less quality when it comes to fuels, our 'Premium Fuels' are other countries standard fuel/gas benzine diesel etc, we get the bottom of the barrel at a cheaper rate but still not as a good grade to run even some of our imports, Mercedies Benz for example built after 2011 will not run right on anything less than Premium Fuel. This leads to clogged injectors, bad spray patterns coming from the injector, smoke and poor performance, and on top of that bad fuel economy. Other mechanics would want to remove the pump and injectors and overhaul but 90% of the time the symptoms are due to dirty fuel injectors/ filters and sludge deposits that build up until it clogs the fuel system and makes the fuel system unserviceable, leading to costly unesessary repairs. This is the case in most Petrol and Diesel engines, but to avoid these problems you should consider On car Injection Service around every 20k, depending where you live as some outback fuels are even worse than city fuels, For $140.00 + Fuel Filter i come to you and Service your fuel system using only good quality Liquid Moly chemicals, fuel additives only do a small percentage of cleaning, i guarantee that your Diesel or Petrol fuel system will purr after having my Service done. This is NOT a Wynns chemical flush that most Mechanics use, Liquid Moly are the leaders in chemical injection chemicals and even though it's twice as expensive as Wynns, you will notice the difference twice as much. No call out fee's for this Service just the $140.00 plus the cost of the filter depending on make and model. 

That's Good Oil - Great Service!

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