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Any advertising firms being paid advertising or free advertising cannot mention or name my business (Everything Mechanical Mobile) without my written permission and if found advertising without my permission will be subject to prosecution

ACCC guidelines

The rule of thumb is advertisers need to obtain consent from a customer or a prospective customer before sending a commercial electronic message. It requires a business to describe the company accurately and ensure that the consumer can unsubscribe from your messages – easily.

Can you advertise companies without permission?

No, it's not legal and you could potentially get into serious trouble for airing an advert for a company without their permission.

Cyber bullying laws Queensland

Cyberbullying is a criminal offence where the bully can be charged and placed before the court to explain their actions. It involves causing distress and deliberate harm to the victim

or business. This is a very serious criminal offence that may be punishable by a term of imprisonment.

Any harm caused by a deliberate use of my name or business will result in criminal charges.

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