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buying second hand?

If you are in the market for a second hand vehicle, bear this in mind, although it may be sound mechanically, automotive electrics wear out too. Most imports today are not made with heavy grade copper wire, in fact try and buy automotive wire with good quality copper, you will find it, but it's rare and if you find it you will pay dearly for it. We live in a world where quality is always sacrificed with price. Vehicle makers fall into a very competitive market, so it's natural that they will use cheap materials to cut the cost of the selling price, this also affects design as the vehicle they make are only designed to last the warranty period. After that you are on your own, even 2nd hand parts fall under the same catagory, they are worn and not designed to last any longer than the warranty period. Not everyone can afford a new car, however you should choose a car not older than 10 years old and under 200 000 K.M.

If you persist on taking the salespersons re-assurance that its in top condition then better put a handle on your wallet, you will need it to keep it handy trying to keep it fuctioning the way it should or the way it's designed to function, and the best come back a sales person has when you have trouble with the pearler you just bought is "Well it is a 2nd hand vehicle". I've been working on cars all my life and dealt with salespersons all my life, they even flash cash to let things slide or overlook something so they get the sale, i've never supported sales in any way shape or form, it's the driver of the vehicle i have in mind, both mechanically and financially. That's probably why they don't like me coming in their yards, they don't bother trying to butter me up i just say drop the gimmick mate i'm here to look at the car. So bear in mind that no matter how good a detail the car has, consider the facts or you will pay for it in the end. Stay away from dealership warranties too, they are the biggest rip off i've ever seen, every dealership warranty ive tried to claim for has been knocked back except one where they aggreed to pay for one (1) piston, no labour no materials, just a piston. These people pay over $700 for these rip off warranties and you may as well just put cash in there hand right there and then, they simply don't pay and waste not just your time but mine as well as they always ask for complexed reports that take time. So there you go, you want the truth about buying used then i've got nothing to gain by telling you a fib, have it checked out, but bear in mind, it's old and it's worn.

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