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Steering Knuckles Leaking?

Steering knuckles on 4WD vehicles can be costly to overhaul . What is common with most 4WD steering knuckles is the axel seal fails and mixes the wheel bearing grease with the diff oil , in severe cases the mix of grease and diff oil causes the bearings in the diff to fail causing major damage to the diff and c.v. axels . At Everything Mechanical Mobile i provide a full overhaul service for your 4WD . This includes diff flush and quality oil , king pin bearings and pre-load adjustment all seals and new wheel bearings , we also fit a remote diff breather to keep the water out of your diff . The whole steering knuckle assembly is known as a birfield and the procedure is known as a birfield overhaul , we have a overhaul package on Toyota Lancruiser starting from $650.00 , prices can vary between diffrent models and condition and wear of your existing birfield joints . All backed with a 12 month 20 000 k.m. Warranty . A weeks notice is required to organise parts and allocate time , usually takes between 6 to 8 hours . Contact me with year , make and model in the contact section for a quote .:)

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