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Hows your Throttle Body?

I'm not much of an artist , but this is a side view of your throttle body , so what's a throttle body and what does it do?

Throttle bodies are on all fuel injection petrol engines , diesels have similar but are called venturies . The purpose of this is to send signals to your computer to adjust the amount of fuel air mix , when you increase the throttle the valve opens and when you take your foot off the pedal it closes , usually by a spring . The reason why I thought I should write this is to show you what happens to this throttle body with normal day to day use . The carbon build up around the valve in the throttle body increases and the valve will not shut properly , this sends signals to the computer via the throttle position sensor and if its got carbon build up and 90% of cars do have it , will send a false signal as the valve is not shutting properly . I clean the throttle body as part of my service , before the oil is drained , its surprising that a lot of mechanics don't do this as part of your service . Over time this carbon builds up more and more , your car is less responsive and no wonder , its confused as to how much fuel your engine needs and increases your fuel consumption . Servicing your car is much more than just change the oil and filter . When you service with me , I guarantee that you will feel the difference , visit my site , you will find more helpful tips on your vehicle's mechanic's . Services start from $130.00 . Ph 0498483681 and yes this includes throttle body clean except in severe cases where the body needs to be removed and cleaned . Its very important , so ask your mechanic , do you remove the carbon around the throttle body valve? , if he doesn't then your getting a lube service and not what I call 'service'

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