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Cheap LED Bar light - home made

I needed a good light to shine over my work ute bench, i priced some LED bar lights and the length i needed 1.7 Meters you either couldn't get or way too expensive, so i decided to make my own.

1. I bought 16 LED lights off ebay , cost was $25.00

2. Went to bunnings and bought two pieces of ceiling skirt $24.00

3. Drill 16 Holes

4. Paint with high gloss white , 2 tins $6.00

5. 1.9 meters of 2 core 15 AMP wire $15.00

6. strip the wire at 16 intervals .

7. Solder the neg and pos wires for each individual bulb

8. Glue down with contact cement $5.00

9. attach backing skirt and fill in gaps with silicone, be sure to do the ends as well as this will need to be waterproof .

10. Touch up paint in various areas

11. Attach t the ute and wire , 2 scotch clips $.40 and two riverts for

the earth wire.

My ute already had switches for the rear light, but the results speak for themselves, total $75.40 . Compared to $300 to $500. So if you want to save. There are always ways

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