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Warranties explained in plain english

When you get your car repaired, even serviced you have a warranty on that part or filter that has been replaced.In most cases you will get a 12 month or 20 000 k.m. warranty as that's what the maker of part puts on it. When you hear the terminology of 12/20 warranty, this is what it means, 12 months or 20 000 k.m. (which ever occurs first). Oil filters have a warranty of 6 months, even the oil has a warranty for the service life of the oil and if it fails it's lubrication purposes, then you still have a claim. What people do not realise is that as a consumer, you have the same consumer rights as purchasing anything that you may buy. If a mechanic voids a warranty, he/she has to have a substantial reason to void the warranty. This could include

1  Another mechanical part that has caused the warranted part to fail

2. Incorrect fitting of the warranted part.

3. Incorrect Servicing or late Services.

4. Wrong grade of oils, fluids or coolant used.

5. The part was fitted by an unqualified person.

6. The part was fitted to substitute the managment of some other part.

In some cases more warranty will be given to a better quality part, an OEX alternator for example will give you a 12/20 warranty when the same alternator but a different brand such as Bosch will give you an extra 12 months or 40k warranty. What you pay for is what you get.

Be careful though, some mechanics will give you a 12/20 warranty on the part, but not the labour. I give the same warranty on workmanship as i do the part. You won't have to re-pay for the labour or anything else.

Beware the buyer. Some parts makers claim they put a 12 month warranty on the part, however, if your part fails in the warranted timeframe, it's not uncommon that they will make you pay for the new part while the failed part is sent for warranty claim, where it's tested and then determined if you will recieve a refund.

I believe this is unfair, so i make a note of what companies do this, and most companies apply this method of warranty. I do not deal with these companies, i find a parts supplier that will replace the part, and although it still has to go through the process of diagnoses and testing, my customers do not pay the extra, i replace the part at no cost to the customer, except where the customer insists the part is faulty and i disaggree that something else, other than the part fitted is responsible for the fault.

Another warranty to avoid is a used car yard or dealership warranty that voids your warranty even if you go one K.M. or one day over the service intervals. The clauses and conditions these rip offs give you with the warranty in most cases only cover a part, not labour, not supplies and not oils and fluids, so you will always end up paying, other dealerships sell you a warranty that is only covered if you service or repair with them, so they are selling you a warranty at the point of sale, that's not worth the paper it's printed on for around 2k, but only if you agree to service at a rate far above the average mechanical business would. It's a rip off and they operate just below the legal line to keep the warranty valid to sell. I can name only 1 warranty that has been honoured by one of these used car warranties when it was obvious the piston failed, they payed for the piston, but the customer was left with the labour, oils etc.............. It's a rip off, don't buy one, instead put that 2k back in your account, get a full service, plugs, filters all oils changed and start your service scedule all over again, this way your car is up to date with services, keep your scedule and you shouldn't have any problems with your new possession.

This is sound advice from a mechanic that's been in the game for 36 years, when you go to buy a car ask if there is any (Manufactor's) warranty still left on the vehicle and only buy a warranty if it's a manufactors warranty which will fall under (extended manufactors warranty), if they say you get a warranty, then ask them to be more specific about the warranty, if they say you have to service with them in order to keep the warranty, then you know it's just a gimmick they sell you with the car you want. Honesty is what i stand by when it comes to protecting your rights as a consumer, Don't fall for it and don't be vunerable to these salespersons tricks to upsell. Just buy the car, if you want tint, paint protection, fabric protection etc, then you can save a heap of money if you get it done later on away from the car yard.

That's Good Oil - Great Service!

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