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Satisfied with your service ?

Ever come back to collect your vehicle with to find the bill is way beyond your expectations ? And a list a mile long for repairs you ( need ) . Here at everything mechanical contracting its our policy that no repair is carried out without your authorization . And we will explain the repair that is needed in plain english and a full quote .

In a lot of cases a customer will bring there vehicle for a service and the mechanic will find multiple faults . Thats his job , we understand that times are tough so we put your repairs in priority , saftey items are always first eg. brakes , lights etc , a small oil weep can wait , your brakes are more important , so if problems are found we can prioritize your repairs , so you can budget and plan your repairs to suit your situation .

We don't upsell you at Everything Mechanical , if you come for a service , thats what you get , no added extras , and we can provide everything your pride and joy will ever need at your approval .

Was your last service dirt cheap ? Ever asked yourself why ? We care about your vehicle so we use only Penrite oils and good quality filters , using a low quality oil in australias harsh climate has little protection as it cannot stand up to Australian conditions , a good indication if your oil is doing its job is to remove your oil filler cap and look under it , notice any sludge? This can mean one of two things , poor servicing or low quality oils or both .Running a better grade of oil can increase engine performance and give you better fuel economy . Try me for a service , you will feel the diffrence .

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