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Time for a Tune ? - re-map

If you own a vehicle 2000 and up , chances are you have a computer with an engine management system , this system tunes your car as you go and they are very reliable , i have a computer programme that can re-map your settings . What this does is adjust the voltage current to all the sensors on your car and gets the best maximum performance with fuel economy . Or re-fresh your computer back to factory settings . Not all makes and models can be re-mapped , sometimes the chip needs to be replaced and then re-programmed . All of your security remains the same except your engine managment system . When a manufactor promotes a vehicle from factory , they programme the computer for the promotion , in other words if they boast that one of there models is powerful with low gear ratios and can climb mountains then more voltage would be applied to the fuel injectors and sensors to allow more fuel consumption , when a diffrent model boasting great economy would have less voltage flow to the injectors , map sensor etc . My programme re-programmes your computer and finds a good balance , or you have the option of more power or better fuel economy without affecting the normal functions of your engine . Its good to re-fresh your computer settings every few years as this is not covered in any service scedule , but is so vital to the running of your vehicle . It makes sense , prices start from $110.00

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