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Posted on 19 June, 2020 at 2:05

I believe in being honest, perhaps someone reading this will not like what i'm going to say, especially Nissan lovers. There's a few models out there today that I won't touch, I won't even Service them. These vehicles are 

Nissan Navara, Nissan Xtrail, Old Nissan Pulsars, Great Wall, Holden Astra, Holden Barina, Holden Cruze, Holden Rodeo (RA), Holden 4wd's including Colorado, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Landrover, VW. Iveco, Mitsubishi V6's such as Magnas are a big no no with me.

The reason why I won't work on them is I don't agree with how they are made, the engineering is not designed for Australian climates and roads, they are not built to last and some repairs are almost impossible to do on my own. And when you been a Mechanic for 36 years, you pretty much know what to stay away from. For example a Great Wall with engine problems, no information on them, the Chinese do not share repair information, every other Car maker does, not Great Wall. They are a pile of rubbish, so if you have one, don't call me.

I also have a problem working on Backpackers vehicles. I found out how most Backpackers Vehicles stay on the road. They sell the car with a P.O. Box key and the rego renewal slip, so when it's due they simply pay the rego, mainly WA registrations and they go around Australia yet again and it's years that a mechanic has touched them or inspected them for safety. Most of them are death traps and some 'patch up work' i've seen amazes me how some of this cars make it down the road yet around Australia. They are too much of a liability as when you accept the repair, they only want 2nd hand parts, i've even been asked to fit second hand brake pads! Can't do that sorry!

So that's as about as Honest as anyone can get, and I don't do RWC either! But what I can do is deliver you the best possible professional Service or Repair without the hype and the overheads of decieving $100 services designed to give your car back with a list of 'work needed' I've re-inspected these 'list's written by some of our 'trusting' local Mechanic's and found 90% of what they write doesn't need 'immeadiate' repairs and some things I find nothing wrong with it. So if you want a straight forward repair or service with no hidden traps or gimmickry, then give Old John here a try. 

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