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The nissan 3.0 diesels from 2000 to 2017 are now experiencing turbo and EGR problems. These engines are supposed to be direct competition with Toyota but don't even come close to Toyota quality. I've never worked on an engine that's full of defects even from factory, a poorly constructed engine that takes double the time to repair and service than these engines, they are messy to service and impossible to replace anything without stripping down other components to get to the problem area. A huge 2.5 ton body on the patrols with a tiny engine means more wear, more problems and try doing a 3 point turn in a Navara? More like a 5 point turn. Direct competition to Landcruiser? What a joke and Nissan claims the Patrol was built for Australia? If this is so then why does it have an EGR system when its not necessary to have them here? It's like driving a brick on wheels. The EGR systems stuff turbo's and when you go to replace the turbo's then it's highly likely there will be problem after problem after problem. I've got a good reputation but these cars are giving me a bad reputation, i've had to cancel appointments as when i get into a small repair I always find more things that need to be done while in that area. Impossible to quote and when I cancel appointments I lose customers so now, in order to keep customers and a good reputation I can no longer repair or even service Nissan 3.0ltr Engines. The design of this engine was designed by university students for cold climates in european countries, the cylinder heads mass produced in China using a mix of metals that render the heads brittle and unreparable. In my book Nissan 3.0ltr Diesels are at the top of my do not touch list just under Great Walls. If you own one, don't call me.

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