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Spare Parts = Repco Cairns North

I've been through the mill with parts suppliers, parts wrong, not ordered when asked, too expensive and not even informed if parts have arrived. This effects you the customer.

I don't go for the cheapest part, i go for quality without the dealership price tag, i wouldn't put anything on or into your car that i wouldn't put in my own car, and my car is 100% spot on.

I've been through 3 Spare parts suppliers in Cairns, and will never go back to them, i needed a professional team with Australia wide Warranty and i needed the same quality service that i give to my customers. 

The team at Repco North was the answer!.......... Good people, totally professional a good atmosphere and they deliver what they say!

You can't go wrong with Repco North, Sheridan street North Cairns just before the airport turn off going North bound.

Repco parts are covered Australia wide................. Makes sense to use Repco North!

phone (07) 4032 3162

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