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Beware the Backyarder

Before you choose a Mechanic consider the costs and risk if you hire a backyarder. A long time ago everyone was a mechanic but there seems to be a guy getting around Cairns, calling himself a Mechanic and not spent one day of any kind of apprenticship to be able to claim the title 'Mechanic'. A dealership employ people to become a 'Technician' and they do not need a trade to have this title. But most are not Mechanic's, Technicians to work on the dealerships brand in a dealership yes, mechanics? most are not. This guy only deals in cash and his work vehicle is a sedan, he has no insurance and from what i've heard he claims centerlink benefits. Consider the costs to you if your Repair/Service fails, he won't honour his workmanship and you probably wouldn't be able to trace him anyway as you can't trace cash. Also consider the risk to you and your home if any damage occurred by him. No insurance = No compensation. And you won't find him if need be. He steals work from Mechanics that can't compete with his rates as he doesn't have to pay for insurances and taxes and the costs of running a legit Business. If i called a Tradesperson to do a job and they showed up in a small sedan and only dealt in cash alarm bells would be ringing. I hope you never have to be put in that situation that you will find yourself in if anything goes wrong. I didn't want to post this on my website as this is supposed to be mechanical tips and blogs but feel the need as this guy is an accident waiting to happen. Beware the Backyarder!

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