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Australian and proud of it!

I don't know about you, but as a business i get hammered daily by overseas people wanting to run my Google avertising and trying to do business with me. I've even been branded a racist as i will not do business with an overseas country.

The reasons for this is not because i'm racist, race has nothing to do with servicing or repairing your car, but i feel it is very important to do business with a company in my own area and same country as if something goes wrong with a part or anything else, i can easily fix the problem and do it in a time frame that does not inconvienience my customer.

I do however believe that Australian money should remain in Australia, and i'm stating a fact that chinese parts are of low quality, that's why they are so cheap, but like anything the chinese build, it's not meant to last for any great length of time, and on most international parts purchased off EBay for example to do have Australian regulations of quality attached, this is why in most cases a 3 month warranty applies.

Not all people however can afford to buy the more expensive product, and in this case ebay is a good option and support parts being purchased through them, i will still put my workmanship at 12/20, but i won't cover the part supplied, as that falls under whatever warranty the Manufactor has provided. I very rarely get a comeback from parts purchased from ebay, but i will send the link from an Australian supplier, i never buy from ebay and upsell my customer either, in fact i select the part on ebay for them and send them the link, they buy the part, not me. My parts are purchased by local business like Repco and Bursons. Beware though, a lot of mechanics do this, i consider this a rip off. I do not upsell my customers, if i quote you a service or repair that's exactly the invoice you will get. Of course if i find something that requires immeadiate repair i will always get my customers authority before i carry out the repair, this is called honesty and that's what i base my business on, honesty.

Business that is kept in Australia, benifets Australians, it's not racist to look out for the economic health of my Country, i support local buiness and i have very valid reaons why, to deliver a top quality Job for a reasonable price. What's racist in saying that? 

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