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This is AUTO ELECTS diagnosis on one of my customers' cars, he diagnosed this in a space of 15mins and 22 seconds. I retested and it has good compression, turns out it was a computer as the car is running perfectly but he still feels the need to charge me $300 for 15 mins diagnosis which is an impossible diagnosis as a RAV4 cannot sense low compression.

If anyone is out there that can shed light on this diagnosis I would be happy to hear from you. 

I would also be interested to hear about your dealings with Auto Elect @ bunda street Cairns and see if your car was held by him for 6 months chasing a diagnosis that he charged you for and ended up having to tow it back unrepaired in the same condition it was sent?

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Hyundai i30 steering knock? here's why

Posted on December 5, 2015 at 8:45 PM

I recently done a service on a hynudai i30 and found a bad knock in the steering. Removed airbag and steer wheel

Note the Genuine Hyundai coupling part number is : 563152K000FFF, if the only solution is to replace the whole steering shaft, then why do they list a part number for the faulty part at question? 

So I removed the steer shaft mounts and wiring and with a stethoscope pinpointed the knock. Arrows show location

I30's have electric power steer motors, the knock is between the motor and retainer where it joins to the shaft. The whole shaft was removed and placed on my bench. See below pic and arrows mark the spot.

After placed on bench the electric steer motor computer was removed, note: Take care unplugging the computer as the pins are fragile.

I removed the electric motor, and the plastic coupling was perished, see below, note the arrows, this is supposed to be a sprocket.

I laid the new coupling with the perished so you can see the diffrence.

Make sure you remove all the perished plastic and insert new coupling as shown, do not use any solvents as it may damage the circuts, compressed air is the best bet.

Re-assemble, do not lube the new coupling, make sure you align the coupling so the motor installs with ease. Job done, this took me 3 hours, and hour to remove, and hour to replace the coupling and an hour to re-install. Hyundai do not have a re-call in place for this, in my opinion it should be re-called as there is an upgrade available for this fix, but Hyjndai would not let me see the paperwork. the coupling itself cost's $4.50. 3 hours labour but to my understanding Hyundai charge more than 3 hours. My warranty is the same 12months / 20 000k.m. Warranty using genuine parts.

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Reply Prue Schneeberger
5:34 AM on April 19, 2016 
Hi can you tell me if you sell the coupling above or would you know the part no or any info as I'm having trouble locating one to get this repair done .im located in Victoria
Many thanks
Reply phillip papasergio
12:27 AM on July 6, 2016 
what is the part number of the coupling i am in victoria aust
Reply Doug Jeffries
5:31 PM on October 14, 2016 
I could not find the part number for the Hyundi steering coupling on your blog. Would you be able to email it to me. cheers Doug
Reply Tobias
7:41 PM on December 17, 2016 
Even the new i30 GD has this Problem.In my case it was repaired once through warranty (Hyundai Germany) after approx 30000km it returned again. The exact part number is 56315-2K000 FFF there is also a TSB for this 14- ST-002-1.
3:07 AM on December 31, 2016 
Thanks for this post, this problem seems like common one and wonder why there is no recall. Not sure recall for lost of power steering assistance due to this issue. I do have a car with the same problem and would like to get the part no if I can please.
Reply Daniel
4:52 PM on March 29, 2017 
Part number is 56315-2k000-FFF
Reply Antony
2:54 PM on May 15, 2017 
Hi does the steering wheel and airbag really need to be removed can the column be taken off as a whole without removing the steering wheel
Reply Antony
2:57 PM on May 15, 2017 
Just a note Hyundai would not sell the part in question they wanted to sell me the whole unit but Kia will sell the part at £1.20
Reply Antony
2:59 AM on June 20, 2017 
Turned out you really don't need the steering wheel off at all and also my coupling was perfect the knocking was actually because the bottom u.j bolt wasn't tight enough or has worked loose so I applied lock tight and re tightened problem solved
Reply JasonTip
7:09 PM on July 21, 2017 
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Reply Chas
3:17 AM on September 29, 2017 
Spot on the money ,thanks for great info. Our I30 2009 done 100k. Can be done without removing steering wheel and airbag.
Reply Amirey
1:07 AM on October 11, 2017 
Hey guys. Thanks for this sort useful info. What's the verdict - dues the wheel and airbag come off, or the whole column together? Also, is that a job for a mechanic, or a handy pair of hands?
Thanks also for the party number. It's available on eBay, shipping from Korea (dah) for about $8.
Reply Joshuasiz
1:57 PM on November 27, 2017 
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Reply jo
10:50 PM on January 23, 2018 
like everything in life, there is the easy way and the hard way, this is the hard way, should only take 45min tops, steering shaft does not have to be removed.
Reply Dejan
1:05 PM on January 26, 2018 
Hi. I had the same problem in my Hyundai i40. The coupling was replaced with new, but i still hear knocking. What to do now? Someone told me it might be electric power steering..... Please help me
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